• CUC Student Wins Award at the 6th Asian University Film Festival held in South Korea

    Author:Hou Yifu???? 2019-10-21
    Communication University of China (CUC) Students won awards at the Sixth Asia University Film Festival (AUFF) held in Busan, South Korea from 1st to 4th of October. The Asia University Film Festival is jointly sponsored by CUC, Beijing Film Academy, Chung-ang University, Dongseo University, Kyungsung University, and the Art Department of Nihon University. It aims at promoting multi-level exchanges of film and television education and image creation among Asian universities. AUFF has been recognized by the academia and the industry for its diverse content, large number of films and a powerful team of tutors and judges. It has won a good reputation in Asia and has become one of the most influential film festivals for the youth in Asia. The festival is held in turn in China, South Korea and Japan, and this year it was hosted by the East West University of South Korea.
     Universities from China, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and other countries selected nearly 400 audiovisual works, of which 52 works from 24 universities were shortlisted for the festival.

    Representatives from CUC, Beijing Film Academy, Shanghai Drama Institute, Nanjing University of the Arts, Dongseo University, Kyungsung University, Nihon University, Bangkok University and Al-Farabi Kazakh National University attended the event. During the festival, representatives from Asian universities gathered with members from Korean Film Council (KOFIC) and other administrations to negotiate for the content of Asian film education, film industry, and academic study of film.


    Group photo of guests at the opening ceremony of the 6th Asian University Film Festival

    O Seok Geun, chairman of the committee of KOFIC, Zhang Jiguo, president of Dongseo University, and Li Yongguan, chairman of Busan Film Festival, addressed the opening ceremony of the festival which was attened by the AUFF jury, including well-known Asian directors, screenwriters, producers and critics.
     Fu Long from CUC, vice president of the School of Film and Cinematic Arts, delivered a speech on behalf of CUC President Liao Xiangzhong, the co-chairman of the Organizing Committee, expressing his congratulations on the success of the festival for college students and his ardent expectations for future filmmakers. He said, "On the premise of openness, inclusiveness and mutual respect, young creators exchange with and learn from each other through films, and learn from each other through harvest. We are constantly making new friends, greeting old friends, deepening our understanding of each other, building bridges to each other, and donate our efforts to create new vitality for the exhibition and dissemination of Asian civilization."


    Fu Long, vice president of CUC School of Film and Cinematic Arts delivering a speech

    At the opening ceremony, the students majoring in musical performance from School of Film and Cinematic Arts in CUC performed music, songs and dances, and were welcomed and praised by the guests.


    Students majoring in musical performance on stage with participating teachers in CUC

    On the sideline of the festival, Asia Film Academy Educator fForum was held at Dongseo University on October 3, 2019 by the School of Film and Cinematic Arts in CUC, on the theme of “New ‘Asian View’ and Asian image/culture competitiveness”. Scholars and experts from China, Japan and South Korea conducted in-depth discussions on the subject.


    Scholars attending the 2019 Asia Film Academy educator Forum

    Director Lin Quanze and students from the School of Film and Cinematic Arts

    The Sixth Asian University Film Festival ended on October 4. At the closing ceremony, Professor Guan Ling, Dean of the School of Film and Cinematic Arts, read out the list of awards and presented awards to outstanding young filmmakers in Colleges and universities around the world.


    Professor Guan Ling, Dean of the School of Film and Cinematic Arts, read out the list of awards

    Duan Zhiyi, a 2016 master student of School of Film and Cinematic Arts of CUC, won the bronze medal for her work.


    Duan Zhiyi with Professor Guan Ling and Fu Long

    Since the founding of AUFF, its influence has been increasing year by year. It has covered the whole Asia, becoming a grand event for art exchange among young filmmakers in Asia, a platform for academic exchanges among Asian universities, and an important boost to the prosperity of the Asian film industry. It is expected that AUFF will inject new momentum into enhancing the soft power of Asian film culture and promoting Asian film cooperation and development.

    Editor: Arshad Bhatti

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