• CUC Launches 2019 School Anthem MV on 65th Anniversary

    Author:Wang Yixia???? 2019-11-11

    Communication University of China (CUC) held the launching ceremony at CUC Lecture Hall on this Sunday (Nov. 10) morning to celebrate the 2019 new version of music video for CUC school anthem.

    About 400 attendees including university leaders, visiting guests, alumni, teachers, students, retirees and journalists gathered together to witness the official launching ceremony and watch the premiere of the new school anthem MV. 

    Chen Wenshen, Secretary of the Party Committee of CUC and Liao Xiangzhong, President of CUC graced the ceremony as well. Wang Dapin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee delivered an address. Chen Zuoping, member of Standing Committee of Party Committee, the director of Publicity Department and School Press Spokesman, presided at the launching ceremony.

    The launching ceremony of the new school anthem MV  

    There’s a Line of Young White Polar on Campus was composed in 1980. Its lyrics were written by Ye Yanbin and music was composed by Liu Tianli. The song won the first prize of composition in the Art and Literature Festival of Capital Institutes and Universities. In 1982, the song was awarded by China National Radio as Excellent Prize, recommended nationwide and immediately became popular with the public. Later it was officially confirmed as the school anthem of CUC. 

    There are three existing versions of the school anthem MV, all of which are filmed by the team of Zheng Hao, a CUC alumnus. The 2004 MV version in particular, was a collection of celebrities and outstanding alumni, with its beautiful melodies, gained its popularity nationwide once released. The video enhanced the university’s public image and social influence. 

    To mark the 70th anniversary of foundation of the People’s Republic of China and 65th anniversary of establishment of the university, CUC decided to produce a new version of the school anthem MV. The 2019 MV version, which filming lasted for over eight months, was a cooperative production by Zheng Hao’s team, Publicity Department of Party Secretary, and various departments of CUC. 

    The 2019 version comprises of two forms, story section (duration: 14min31sec) and music section (4min29sec). The MV combines new equipment with new editing techniques and applies digital HD shooting technologies. The MV is also the embodiment of CUC’s spirit, which is youth, vivaciousness, sentiment and prospect, by reuniting old and new alumni, current students and teachers to co-perform in chorus. 

    Author: Wang Yixia

    Editor: Ye Jinyi, Arshad Bhatti

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