• CUC- UFRGS Meeting Held for Annual Confucius Institute Council

    Author:Wang Yixia???? 2019-12-27

    A delegation of Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) led by President Rui Vincente Oppermann visited CUC to attend the Annual Council Meeting of Confucius Institute. UFRGS Confucius Institute was co-founded by the two universities.

    Vice Chairman of the University Council,Jiang Xufan met with the delegation, debriefing them about the annual work, budget and final accounts of the institute.Jiang extended his warm welcome to the members of the delegation. He was gratified at the satisfactory implementation of the councils plans. Outstanding achievements originated from concerted efforts between the two sides and UFRGS support was vital to the Confucius Institute, Jiang said.

    Jiang specifically noticed that, creative activities in a variety of ways independent from routine ones were evidence of a more deepened and fruitful cooperation. As a new building would soon be put into use for the Confucius Institute and newly-appointed Chinese-side director would take the office, Jiang said, adding that CUC cherishes the friendship and expects the expansion of cooperation in the future.

    UFRGS President Oppermann expressed his gratitude to the CUC officials for cordial reception and gave a high appraisal to CUC for its support during co-founding of UFRGS Confucius Institute.

    Confucius Institute, he said, was not merely a platform for language learners, but also a bridge of Brazil-China friendship, by which UFRGS and CUC teachers and artists held an exhibition of design on the theme of Sidewalks.

    In the council meeting, Liu Zhiming, Acting Director of UFRGS Confucius Institute, reported the work and accomplishments of 2019. In 2019, over 500 new students registered for Chinese language lessons. The number of UFRGS Confucius Institute students has risen up to 3300.

    Besides the routine cultural activities, creative ones were held by the Institute, setting off a craze of China study among Brazilian scholars while attracting the generapublic. Professor Anonio Padula, the Director from Brazilian side presented the 2020 work plan and budget report.He thanked Gu Tiejun, the outgoing Chinese-side director while welcoming Bai Lanling, who will assume the office soon.

    Shu Xiaomei, Director of CUC International Exchange and Cooperation Department, spoke highly of Anonios report. She reaffirmed Departments support foConfucius  Institute.

    Professor Li Zuowen, member of the Confucius Meeting Council and Dean of CUC International Studies School, appreciated the concern for CUC exchange undergraduates majoring in Portuguese from UFRGS.

    Li also anticipated the cooperation between BRICS Research Center of CUC International Studies School and BRICS Research Center of UFRGS, looking forward to more fruitful results from Confucius Institute.

    Iicolas Maillard, Director of UFRGS International Office, Anonio Padula, Brazilian-side Director of UFRGS Confucius Institute,  Liu Zhiming, Acting Director of UFRGS Confucius Institute and Professor Airton Cattani attended the Council Meeting.

    Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, with its long history dating back to 1895, is one of the top three Brazilian public universities. CUC was authorized to co-found Confucius Institute with UFRGS in 2011, and it was officially inaugurated in 2012.

    Editor: Ye Jinyi, Arshad Bhatti 

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