• Chairman of the University Council Chen Wenshen Attends the Agreement Signing, Opening Ceremonies of Confucius Institute

    Author:Huang Hairong ???? 2019-12-27

    Chen Wenshen ,Chairman of the University Council, attended the agreement signing and awarding ceremonies of Confucius Institute and the unveiling ceremony of the Communication and Research Center of Confucius Institutes on the sideline of International Chinese Language Education Conference which was held in Changsha, Hunan Province earlier this month.


    On the occasion of signing ceremony, Ma Jianfei, the representative and Deputy Director of China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language  (NOCFL) , also the Chairman of the Party Committee of the Confucius Institute headquarters signed agreements with the representatives from eight institutions, including the Frontier University of Chile, the National Sports University of Belarus, the University of Udayanato, and etc., to establish Confucius Institutes , Confucius classes and Chinese language centers at colleges in the eight institutions respectively. In addition, CUC will collaborate with the Frontier University of Chile to establish its Confucius Institute. 


    Ma Jianfei Signing Agreements of Establishing the Confucius Institutes with Other Eight Institutions across the World

    Eduardo Hebel Weiss, Rector of the Frontier University of Chile signed the agreement in front of Tian Xuejun, Deputy Minister of the Department of Education and Chairman Chen Wenshen. Afterwards, Tian presented the plaque to Eduardo Hebel Weiss.

    Chen Wenshen Attending the Awarding Ceremony of the Communication and Research Center of Confucius Institutes

    The Confucius Institute of the Frontier University of Chile is the 4th Confucius Institute co-founded by CUC and foreign universities. Following the Confucius Institute in Belgrade (Serbia), Groningen (Netherland) and the Confucius Institute of the Federal University of Rio Grand Do Sul (Brazil) in Latin America.


    Its establishment is very conducive for CUC to conduct regional cooperation in Latin America and Europe, so as to promote regional collaboration. Moreover, it will play an important role in CUC’s internationalization and Double-First Class construction.

    Eight Institutions  Got the Awards to Work with the Confucius Institutes

    Afterwards, the NOCFL and Confucius Institute Headquarters held the plaque unveiling ceremony for the Communication and Research Center of Confucius Institute, the Work Alliance of Confucius Institute’s Domestic Cooperating Universities with TCM Characteristics, and the Confucius Institute Cooperation Alliance of Universities in Liaoning Province. 

    Chen Wenshen Eviling the Awards for the Communication Research Center of Confucius Institute together with Tian Xuejun


    At the ceremony, Chen Wenshen, together with Tian Xuejun, unveiled the Communication Research Center of Confucius Institute at CUC. Ma Jianfei and Yu Tianqi from the NOCFL and Confucius Institute Headquarters were both present on the occasion.


    The preparation for establishing Communication Research Center of Confucius Institute took two years. It is a characteristic base jointly built by CUC and Confucius Institute Headquarters, with the purpose of study on the global public image construction of Confucius Institute.


    Chen Wenshen will assume the office of chairman of the center,President Liao Xiangzhong as the director of the academic committee, and Vice President Duan Peng as the executive vice director.


    In the future, the center will focus on public opinion research, public relations, creative production of image-promotion films, animation image design and media literacy training, and strive to build a high-level think tank serving Confucius Institute and national external communication.



      Editor: Wang Huiyi, Arshad Bhatti 

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