• Overseas Power of Alumni from Communication University of China in Fighting the Epidemic

    Author:Wang Ying???? 2020-02-08

    Recently, the epidemic of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus has spread in many parts of China, arousing concern of all the Chinese people. Aware of the shortness of medical supplies, overseas alumni of Communication University of China have been making contributions in the battle of fighting the epidemic spontaneously. 

    Chen Xin, student of  2018 MBA concentrated class of CUC, is also the manager of Hainan Airlines’ Madrid Office in Spain. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, he has been actively working with the Chinese embassy in Spain and local associations and organizations of overseas Chinese, to make progress in the epidemic prevention and control, and the transport of relief supplies.

     Chen Xin with His Colleagues in the Airport of Madrid

    On January 25, Chen Xin received the notice of require from Philanthropic Foundations of Spanish Book Club and Overseas Chinese Association of  Spain, to deliver a direct donation of anti-epidemic materials to Hubei Charity Federation transferring to Wuhan No.3 Middle School. He immediately assisted the head of the association to provide relevant documents, proposed to the airlines to transport the donated materials to China by the earliest flight, and contacted the Airport of Madrid to make sure of the transportation. Then he got in touch with the destination in Shenzhen to guarantee the clearance of goods after landing.

    The Donation of Anti-epidemic Materials in Transportation

    In Japan, after making contact with the personnel of Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital, alumni from School of  Information and Communication Engineering of CUC learned that the medical masks in store  could only  last  for two days. To help alleviate the problem, the alumni organized a donation and by the end of January 27 they have purchased nearly 4000 medical masks in pharmacies all over Tokyo and mailed them to the hospital in Wuhan. 

      Medical Masks Purchased by CUC Alumni in Japan

    26 alumni and an adjunct professor Chi Zehuai of Communication University of China took part in the activity, which has raised a total amount of RMB 10,400. According to Huang Yulin, who was in charge of  the fund raising activity, the donation directly went to the medical personnel in the front line of  Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital.

    The Fund Raising Activity Has Raised a Total Amount of  RMB 10,400

    In the fight against the epidemic, we see CUCers domestic and overseas, in all walks of life, are making contributions in their own ways. What the virus has done is cruel and will not last forever. What the people have done is heart touching and will be remembered for always. With joint efforts by the people of China and all over the world, we have the confidence to win the battle against this outbreak.




    (Editor: Zhang Xu    Arshad Bhatti) 

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