• Core Curriculums


    Core Curriculums

    School of Presentation Art

    Introduction to Broadcasting and Hosting Arts

    Basics of Announcing

    Phonation and Articulation of Announcing

    Announcing And Anchoring In Radio Programs

    Announcing and Anchoring in TV Programs

    School of Animation and Digital Arts


    2D Digital Animation Basics

    Acting for Animator


    Animation Design


    Animation Team Project

    Principle of Digital Film Effects B

    Digital Compositing Technology

    Principle and Application of Game Engine

    Game design

    Network Multimedia Technology Basis (A)

    Network Multimedia Technology Basis (B)

    Motion Graphics Design

    Digital Art Creation B

    Introduction to Visual Effects

    Computer Graphics

    Art of Editing A

    Webpage Design & Script Programming

    Applications for Mobile Internet

    Multimedia &Interactive Programming1

    Broadcasting Design

    Practice in Visual Creation

    Introduction to Animation

    Game Psychology

    Creative Thinking of Interactive Art

    Animation Sketch

    Design Basic

    User Experience Analysis and Interaction Design

    Internet product design and project management

    Game Developing on Mobile Devices

    Game Concept Design

    3D Game Art(1)

    3D Game Art (2)

    Television School

    Photography Techniques

    TV Program Production

    Composing Elements of Photography

    TV Visual Language

    Television Pictures Editing

    Television Interviewing and Reporting

    Documentary Production

    Television Narration Writing

    TV Editing and Directing

    TV Programs Planning

    TV Spot Reporting

    News Photography

    The History of Photography Schools and Masters

    Electronic and Internet Publishing

    History of Chinese and Foreign News

    Theory and Practice of International Journalism

    Compiling and Creating of Multimedia Works

    Non-Linear Editing

    New Media Editing

    Introduction to New Media

    Television Journalism

    News Writing

    Newspaper and Journal Editing

    Journalism Theory

    School of International Studies

    Introduction to English interpreting techniques and practice

    Theory and Practice of Translation (I)

    Introduction to Intercultural Communication

    A Comparative Study between Chinese and Western Cultures

    School of Literature

    Classical Chinese

    Ancient Literature History of China

    Modern Chinese Literature

    General Principles of Literature(A)

    Modern Chinese

    Primary Writing Skills

    Contemporary Chinese Literature

    An Introduction to Chinese Culture

    English Reading and Writing

    English Listening and Speaking

    Chinese Ancient Literary Theories

    An Introduction to Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

    Foreign Literature History

    An Introduction to Linguistics

    An Introduction to Applied Linguistics

    Chinese Phonetics

    Foundation of Computational Linguistics

    Language Planning Introduction

    Computer Programming and Language Processing

    Chinese Ancient Literary Theories

    Natural Language Processing

    School of Politics and Law

    Intellectual Property Law

    Criminal Law 1

    Administrative Law and Administrative Litigation Law

    Civil Procedure Law and Arbitration Law

    Criminal Procedure Law

    Constitutional Law

    Economic Law

    The Chinese legal history

    International Public Law

    International Private Law

    Introduction to Commercial Law

    Civil Law 2

    Criminal Law 2


    Civil Law 1

    International Economic Law

    Western Modern Sociological Theory

    Sociology of Development

    Principium of Sociology

    Cultural Anthropology

    Western Classical Sociological Theory

    Media Sociology

    Sociology Research Methods

    Introduction to Social Work

    Sociology of marriage and family

    Social capital and social network

    School of Science

    Solid State Physics

    Photo electricity Detect and Sensor Technique


    Optical Information Technology Principle

    Principles of Optics

    Principles of Lasers

    Quantum Mechanics

    Sampling Techniques

    Multivariate Statistical Analysis


    Probability Theory

    Mathematical statistics

    Applied Stochastic Processes

    Financial Engineering


    Mathematical Analysis

    Operations Research

    Functional Analysis

    Numerical Analysis

    Numerical Analysis

    Numerical Solution of Differential Equations

    Data Structure

    School of Computer Science

    The C Programming Language

    Introduction to Computer Science

    Data Structure A

    Computer Networks A

    Software Engineering A

    Operating System

    Electronic Commerce A

    School of Economics and management



    Media Economics

    International Trade Practice A

    Public Policy Analysis

    Culture Industry Project Management

    Production Management: Films and TV Dramas

    Management Information Systems

    Marketing A

    Principles of Management A

    Financial Control A

    EconomicsMedia Economic

    International Trade Practice A

    Public Administration

    Cultural industry management

    Management Information Systems

    Business Administration

    Marketing Management


    School of Journalism

    History of Chinese Journalism

    History of Foreign Journalism

    Journalism Theory

    News Interview A

    News Writing A

    News Editing

    News Comment

    News Reporting Theories

    Information Engineering School

    Transmission Technology for Radio and Television

    Digital Signal Processing and Application

    Embedded Computer SystemA

    Sensor & Remote Sensing Technology

    Theory and interface technology of Single Chip Microcomputer

    Computer Interface and Communication Programming

    Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting

    Telecommunication Electronic Circuits

    Television Principle A

    The Theory of Information & Coding A

    Digital Signal Processing A

    Signals and Systems

    The Basis of Circuit Analysis

    Analog Electronics Technique

    Electronic Design Automation

    Communication Engineering

    Electronic Information Engineering

    Automation Engineering

    Digital Media Technology

    Communication Engineering

    Broadcasting and TV Engineering


    Electronic Science and Technology

    Media Technology

    Theory and interface technology of Single Chip Microcomputer

    Digital Television Technology A

    Digital Television Production and Broadcasting Technology

    Design of Digital Video System

    Television Principle A

    The Theory of Information & Coding A

    Television Broadcasting Measurement Technology

    Digital Signal Processing A

    Signals and Systems

    Shooting, Recording and Editing Technology

    Data compression: Principles and applications A

    Multimedia Database

    Digital Video Processing

    The Basis of Circuit Analysis

    Analog Electronics Technique

    Digital Circuit

    The Theory of Information & Coding A

    Signals and Systems

    The Basis of Circuit Analysis

    Analog Electronics Technique

    Digital Circuit

    Interactive Service System Design

    Computer Graphics A

    Introduction to Digital Media Content Protection

    Introduction to Media network & Interactive TV

    Media Asset and Business Management Technology

    Object-oriented Programming-C++

    Embedded Computer System C

    Digital Image Processing A

    Digital Speech Technology A

    Intelligent Video Analysis Technology

    Natural Human-computer Interaction Technology

    Modern Television Technology

    Antennas and Radio Wave Propagation

    Mobile Communication

    Optical Fiber Communication

    Principles of Telecommunication

    Electromagnetic Field and Electromagnetic Wave

    Mobile Television Technology

    Microwave Technology

    Satellite Television Technology

    Cable TV Technology A

    Theory and interface technology of Single Chip Microcomputer


    Telecommunication Electronic Circuits

    IP Broadcasting & Television Technology

    The Theory of Information & Coding A

    Signals and Systems

    The Basis of Circuit Analysis

    Analog Electronics Technique

    Digital Circuit

    Theory and interface technology of Single Chip Microcomputer

    Signals and Systems

    Automatic Control Theory

    Computer Control System

    Power Electronics Technology

    Principles of Electrical Machinery and Towage

    Modern Television Technology

    Monitoring Technology for Broadcast & Television System

    Network Control Technology

    Intelligent Control Technology

    Principle of Sensors and Detecting Technology

    Control Technology of Stage Machine

    Stage Lighting Technology and Control System

    Audio Engineering Acoustics Fundamental

    The Basis of Circuit Analysis

    Analog Electronics Technique

    Digital Circuit

    Advertising School

    Crisis Management

    Introduction to Public Relations

    Public Relations Management & Practice

    Introduction to Advertising

    Governmental Public Relations

    Quantitative research methods series

    Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications

    The History of Advertising

    Introduction to Advertising

    Advertising Planning

    Advertising and Research

    Marketing (A)

    Branding Marketing

    Basic of Statistic and Data Analysis

    Branding Marketing

    The Introduction on Design

    Poster Design

    Introduction to Design Management

    Typography design B

    Information and Instructions Design

    Appreciation and Investment Of Artworks

    Interactive advertising creativity and design

    Introduction to Public Relations

    Governmental Public Relations

    Information Society and the New Media

    Practice of advertising media

    Media Operation and Management

    Course Syllabus for New Media Contents Planning and Managing

    Course Introduction of Gossip and Interactive Media

    Interactive Marketing

    A-Study of Internet Media

    New Media Contents Planning and Managing

    Perspectives of new Media

    Practice of advertising media

    practice of advertising media

    Mobile Media Industry

    School of Cinema and Television

    Editing Art()Editing Principle

    Editing Art ()Fiction Film

    Editing Technique (): Electronic Editing Technique

    Editing Technique (II)Nonlinear Editing Technique A

    Editing Technique () Nonlinear Editing Technique B

    Digital Production Technique (): Graphic Processes

    Digital Production Technique(): Special Effects

    Digital Production Technique (): Computer Animation

    Screenplay Element and Technique

    Film & TV Directing

    Directing for Television

    Cinematography Art

    Performance Art of Film and TV (1)

    Performance Art of Film and TV (2)

    Editing Art of Film and TV

    Directing for TV Entertainment Evening Party

    TV Script WritingI

    TV Media planning

    TV Interview

    TV editing

    Editing and directing of TV Art Program

    Directing for radio program

    TV Directing for Live-Switched Production

    TV Script WritingI

    TV Media planning

    Directing for Reality TV

    Directing for TV Variety Show

    Model Analysis of Sino-Foreign Entertainment Program

    Introduction to Variety Entertainment Show

    Element of Space Design

    Scenic Design

    Production Design for Television

    Production Design

    Costume Design

    Make-up Design



    Still life photography for advertisement

    Conceptual photography

    Exposure Control and Tone Adjustment

    Documentary material of film and TV

    Photographic Creation for Feature Film

    Photographic Composition

    Film Chromatology

    Lighting Art and Illuminant Skills of Film and TV Drama


    Screening writingII



    Selected Works of Chinese Contemporary Literature

    Analysis of Drama Texts

    History of Chinese Teleplay

    Criticism of Teleplay

    Lighting Art and Illuminant Skills of Film and Video

    Introduction to the Lighting Language

    Lighting Design Technique

    Computer Aided Design

    LightingCreation for Stage

    Lighting Design for Studio

    Stage Lighting Design

    Lighting Art Foundation



    Core Curriculums

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