• Institutes and Centers

    Ministerial Level

    National Center for Radio and Television Studies / Key Research Institute of China
    Center of Digital Engineering of Radio & Television Subordinated to the State Ministry of Education
    Branch Center of Audio Language under the National Language Research Center
    National Public Service Advertising  Innovative Research Base
    Institute of Cultural Trade
    Research Center for Capital Media Economy
    Journalism and Communication Research Base 
    Radio and Television Arts Research Base 
    Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Research Base
    Key Laboratory of Broadcasting and Television Transmission Technology 
    Key Laboratory of Signal and Information Processing
    National Animation Teaching and Research Base
    Higher Education Dissemination and Public Opinion Monitoring Research Center
    Key Laboratory of Media Audio and Video

    School Level
    New Media Institute
    Culture Development Institute
    Institute of Art
    Institute of Communication Studies
    Institute of Higher Education
    Contemporary International Issues Research Center
    Business Brand Institute
    Public Relations and Public Opinion Institute
    Broadcasting Industry Institute
    International Communication Research Center
    Asia Media Research Center
    European Media Research Center
    Media and Gender Institute
    Institute of International News
    Institute of Audience Research
    Media Education Research Center
    Institute of Network Public Opinion
    Nationality Culture Dissemination and Development Center
    Institute of Aesthetic Culture
    Institute of Art Communication
    Institute of Drama & Chinese Opera 
    Institute of Film
    Institute of Arts
    Communication Acoustics Laboratory
    Jing Long Broadcasting Technology Institute
    Guang Xin Digital Integrated System Institute
    Xin Chuang Information Technology Institute
    Institute of Wireless Communication
    Institute of Communication Science
    High-Performance Computing Center
    Institute of Applied Linguistics
    International Communication Strategy and Development Center
    Institute of Edition and Publication
    Media Art and Culture Research Center
    Spread and Popularization of Marxism Research Center
    China Documentary Research Center
    Party Newspapers and Journals Research Center
    Institute of Media Economics 
    Political Communication Institute
    Institute of Brain Science and Intelligent Media 

    Faculty Level
    China Systematic Economy Research Center
    Institute of Art Communication
    Institute of Media Policies and Regulations

    Research Service
    Tongzhou Science and Technology Park
    Suzhou Academy Management Committee

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